#sims 2



First download this tuning file alone with XCAS if you haven’t already.. READ what it says.



Now basically (what I did) you open up the package in s3pe and right click on the _XML file so on the right hand side you’ll see it’s coding. Second: left click…

This is what I did in case anyone else has run into problems with sliders not working and what not.


Sorry for the long hiatus, i’m not abandon this blog or sims, but i’m now in grade 12, and f*cking hell, i got almost full schedule for study and school every day in the week, very busy. And i want to concentrate more so sims is a no no, and everytime i play sims it take a lot of time. So maybe when i have time i will try to finish all the meshes and recolor, and post it as soon as i can.

To anyone who will & still stick around with my blog, thank you!

Anonymous whispered:
All of the sims i download off of tumblr, never show up as what they are suppose too, they show up as proxies? what am i doing wrong?

Hmm, i’m not sure, since i rarely download other people sims, but they always shown up nicely in my game. Maybe missing some stuff because the creators didn’t included it.

Oh, maybe you should check if you have the slider the sim suppose to have ??
Any followers have any suggest to help anon here ?

redheadedsims whispered:
Hi, cool military hat - when I tried downloading, it, the file name showed up blue. Don't know why.

Oh, maybe it is because i compressed my drive, it affected the files too. But it is okay, i’m sure, don’t worry